About the NZ Deer Cullers Incorporated

In June of 1965 a meeting was held at Belfast in Christchurch with the intention of forming a committee to host a reunion of Government Hunters, more commonly known as Deer Cullers. Those attending, George Linsdstrom, Snow Thyne, Joff Thomson, Tom Gibson, and Jack Bell became the first committee.

Following a successful reunion a decision was made to institute some form of social organization with a view to keeping ’cullers’ in touch with one another and to hold further reunions at regular intervals.

And so NZ Deer Cullers Society Incorporated was established.

Since that time a reunion has been held every three years, alternating between the North and South Islands.

Members receive a newsletter three times per annum and field trips to old hunting areas are arranged from time to time. Our Society is not a hunting club as such, its reason for being is purely social.

We are also a non-political, non-religious, non -opinion forming organization. Membership is confined to men who hunted or packed [with packhorses] for the Internal Affairs Dept, NZ Forest Service, or Dept of Conservation. One full summer season [seven months] is the minimum period employed to qualify for membership.

There have been many books written by and about Deer Cullers, and of late much interest shown in our now long gone way of life.

Through this website we hope to share experiences from that time.

A legacy of the Deer Culling era is the hundreds of huts, river crossings, and also the thousands of kilometers of cut tracks available today for public use and enjoyment. The huts, which were once our homes, are unique to New Zealand and enhance the backcountry experience for thousands of visitors each year.

Please enjoy our site.

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