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Campbell Purdon
New Zealand - 10/27/19
Hello Everyone, One of our long time members passed away today, 28/10/19 Keith McCaul Purdon (96). For funeral details please check the NZ Herald.
John DeLury
NZ - 07/27/19
I have a copy of NZ Deer Cullers Inc Newsletter dated 3/12/67. It is three foolscap pages. It has a neat wee poem The Boderick Pass by Jack McNair. Would you like it sent to you?
Jeremy Payne
Australia - 06/25/19
Looking for my old mate Alan Metcalfe if anybody knows his whereabouts email me thanks.
- 04/12/19
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charles coutts
Australia - 11/10/18
Looking for Information of an old mate Alan Topp,Just seems to have dropped of the face of the earth , Thanks Charlie.
New Zealand - 02/02/18
It is with great sadness that I inform you that my father Barry Hunt passed away in the Ruahine Ranges last night doing what he loved. I hope the members he knew will see this.
David Jacobs
New Zealand - 11/19/17
I am building a deer cullers museum in Arrowtown.
I have restored a relocated old hut in which I will put Manuka pole and sack bunks.
I have built a tradition corrugated iron chimney on the side based on ones from your website and the artificial solid floor will go in soon.
There is an old .303 to hang on the wall and I will taxidermy and hind leg and some deer tails. It will be lite with Hurricane Lamps to provide the scene.
I need help sourcing artifacts from the culling era. In particular I would like an old pair of hob nail boots, flour tins (or similar), knives, packs, ammo pouches and a Swandri and black wool singlet.
Can you ask your members if they have anything they wish to donate.
I can be contacted on 03 442 3006.
It would be great to have any old pay-slips, note books, tally’s and photos also.
Your Sincerely
David Jacobs
David Jacobs
New Zealand - 11/19/17
Please advise of correct email, one on website is not working
Mark Doherty
New Zealand - 07/29/17
Anyone remember Ken Briggs from NZ Deers Cullers Inc back in the 60's? I think he was living in the southland area at the time.
Brendon lewis
New Zealand - 07/04/17
My dad Tom lewis culled under harry vipond and also trained hunters we lived in Rotorua dad worked in kaimanawas kawekas etc.. talked about cullers winning a shoot off against police and army.. any help pic stories would be great
lewis fisher
NZ - 05/17/17
my grandfather basil powell was a packman carting in supplies into makaroroa and I have an internal affairs photo dated 1920's- 1930's of him and on horse back in the landsborough river bed would like to see if there are any other photos or information held. any advice on a starting point to look would be appreciated.
cheers Lewis
John DeLury
New Zealand - 04/23/17
A couple weeks ago I sent a photo of a tree carved by cullers in the 1940's Vic Erceg etc to your info email address. Did you get it? Your online contact link does not work.
NZ - 02/19/17
I worked for Brian Carson, NW Urewera.1970/71.colleagues were George Black,Bruce Pope.(cullers)
Huts were Mangamako,Waihua,Apiti,Wharekahika/
Otanueri/ Kanihi/Te aniani, Ohora/ Onepu.
Alan Rea at Ruatahuna, and legends Chris Fuller and Denny Foote.
I was just a kid (16) and it was an awesome experience
Carol Payne
New Zealand - 02/06/17
GOLDEN HILLS HUT mustering hut used by deer cullers near Ngamatea sheep station. Owners of the land, Owhaoko B&D Trust are wanting to restore the old mustering hut and preserve it as an historic sight. It was used a lot by deer cullers and rabbiters as well. Does anyone have photos dating before 1980's? Earlier the better. I read where some deer cullers renovated it a little in 1956/7. Would be grateful for any info. Thanks.
Ailsa G
Australia - 09/27/16
Good Morning
I am looking for any information at all in relation to my late Uncle Brian Grady, killed deer culling in the Haast in April 1949. I have been twice to his grave when growing up.
Any help much appreciated.
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